Dunc is a filmmaker and production creative having first started in Sydney, Australia, in the mid 1980's learning video production techniques and working on short films and videos. He has produced showreels for actors, videos for performers and videos for Education Institutions - support and Conference meetings and presentations. Dunc has freelanced in the Corporate Events Staging Industry as a Cameraman, CX Technician and Show Operator. Since 2007 he began the development of online presentation of media projects. Dunc is currently based in the Philippines, South East Asia.  Dunc’s recent projects include advocacy and social awareness documentary development in the Philippines working with organizations promoting well-being, health and poverty alleviation. He has produced AVP's for corporate entities and university alumni and continues to develop projects focusing on Asian culture and heritage in conjunction with other Independents. He has collaborated with individuals and organizations in Australia, USA, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.


Eric is the Senior Producer for Canadian Public Television's weekly show Enquête, a specialized documentary based program in investigative reporting. He has been with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for the past 25 years, working as a journalist and producer for national radio and television programs in Edmonton, Calgary and now in Montreal. Many of his documentaries have received prestigious awards, including the CBC National Television Price for best Documentary in 2001. In 2008, he received the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television Award for best Information Series as Senior Producer for Zone Libre Enquête. Eric Le Reste also offers special training to journalists and producers for the CBC. Although the investigative journalism often focuses on the dark side of societies, Eric has always made an effort to bring human values to the forefront of his work, trying to underline the bright side of humanity when it can be relevant to the stories.


After completing his studies in Film Making in Canada at Lester B. Pearson College, back in Italy worked as Film Producer with international Advertising Agency Y&R before opening a Production Company in Milan. Later on he started as an independent film-maker to shoot industrial documentaries in 35mm. Since he joined the Brahma Kumaris in 1994 he realised documentaries to bring spiritual values to a wider audience.  Some of the films Piero has created include "It's about time", "Welcome Home", "Living Values around the world" and more recently "Journey into Silence".