THE DATE FOR ENTRIES HAS NOW PASSED.  To view this year's submissions, visit the 2012 Films section of this website.


The categories selected for this 2011 festival are as follows:

  • Animation
  • Computer Graphics
  • Documentary
  • Fiction
  • Experimental
  • Meditative Music Video
  • Personal experience
  • Humour

You can submit as many short films as you want within the EIGHT specified categories – made with whatever video recording device you choose (including mobile phones) and in colour or black and white – however, there are a few guidelines you need to keep in mind when creating your film:

  • The duration of your film must be between 3 - 5 minutes
  • The film must have been created after October 2010 (date of the last Short Film Festival)
  • Films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English
  • The film should be suitable for public viewing so universally recognised words must be used (i.e. no BK specific words like Murli, Avyakt BapDada, yagya, toli etc.)

Everyone who submits a short film will be contacted by the International Film Group after their piece has been checked against the guidelines listed above.

Entry closing date: 31 December 2011


  • Submissions to be made electronically
  • MPEG4 Format
  • The file size being uploaded should be under 100MB

ALL submitted films (that meet the rules listed in the ENTER section of this website) will be judged on the basis of:

  • Content and clarity of message
  • Production achievement, and
  • Creativity and Originality.

ALL FINALISTS that have their film short listed for the international viewing in Mount Abu in October 2011 will be contacted by email and requested to submit their film on a DVD – high quality (Region 0 or free)

  • Identify each DVD with name and contact details.
  • All DVDs submitted will NOT be returned to the filmmaker.
  • If you submit more than one film, they must be put on separate DVDs
  • Post all DVDs to:

    International Film Group
    Attn: Isabelle / Mona
    Global Co-operation House
    65-69 Pound Lane
    London NW10 2HH


Using music in your film

We strongly recommend that if you use music in your film, try to use royalty free music (some available on http://www.soundsnap.com) – although you may have to purchase it first; music that is owned by the Brahma Kumaris in which case you don’t need to seek permissions from anyone to use it, or ask someone to compose something new for your film - but remember to take their written permission to use their music!

If you decide to use commercial music in your film, be aware of the copyright restrictions on it - commercial music tracks you are legally obliged to contact both the artist and the studio where it was recorded to get permission to screen this which can be expensive and time consuming.

We will not be able to use your film in the festival unless we are sure it complies with copyright restrictions.

Please contact us if you have any questions relating to this matter: ifg@bkwsu.org

Using film footage that is not your own

All films submitted must be your original work. This means not taking film clips from other films – at least not without the knowledge and permission of the creator, which is classified as an infringement of copyright or intellectual property. If your film cannot do without an essential clip from another film, make every effort to contact the originators of that film and get their permission in writing to use the clip before submitting your piece to the festival. However, we strongly recommend that you be as creative as possible and make of a film that is your own in every way.

We will not be able to use your film in the festival unless we are sure it complies with copyright restrictions.

Here are a few websites that offer some royalty-free footage, which may be of use in your film (please note: you may be required to purchase the clips):

  • BBC Archive: www.bbcfootage.com
  • Getty Images both contemporary and vintage: www.archivefilms.com
  • Stock, archive and news footage network: www.footage.net
  • Online index to specialist footage libraries: www.stockfootageonline.com

Permissions from people in your film

Before submitting your film you must ensure that all people (if any) appearing in the film have given their written permission (including permission from parents/ guardians if people appearing in the film are under 18 years old) for their image to be broadcast should the entry be shortlisted in the competition.

We may request this proof if your film is shortlisted so please ensure you have kept the originals. Download a basic release form here.


  • All music and/or visuals used in your short film must be original or royalty free
  • All actors used in your short film should give their permission in writing to appear in the film (please use this Release Form)
  • Should your short film not meet the listed guidelines or terms & conditions, you will be notified within 14 days of your submission.

Should you require further information please contact us: ifg@bkwsu.org – we are here to help!


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