2010 Overview

International Screening: 21 October 2010, Mt. Abu, India

Seeing Through a Different Lens: a Short Film Festival for the Spirit, is an initiative by the International Film Group of the Brahma Kumaris to bring together the creative minds within the global Brahma Kumaris community (BKs and friends of the BK family).  It offered a chance to discover all the talents that could offer so much to a global audience and build a community of like-minded artists going forward.

Launched in March 2010, there was an overwhelming contribution by 35 filmmakers from 19 countries by the closing date of submissions.  45 films were accepted into the festival within the six specified categories.

On 21 October 2010, this first short ever film festival of the Brahma Kumaris was brought to Mt. Abu, India, for its international screening.  Both East and West celebrated together, bringing newness, inspiration, creativity and entertainment to the 2000+ people who attended.  We were fortunate to also have amongst us, Dadi Janki (Head of Brahma Kumaris) and Dadi Gulzar (Additional Administrative Head), who gave blessings and happiness to everyone present.

The judges’ had selected 12 films for screening: each was introduced prior to screening, and the filmmakers (if present) were invited on stage after the screening to introduce themselves and share the inspiration behind their work:

•    Meditation:  BEING AT PEACE by Sr. Ioanna Vougiouka, Greece

•    Meditation:  DIVINE MUSE – DEEP DIVING by Br. Jose Mendes, Portugal

•    Personal Experience:  LOOKING THROUGH by Sr. Sandra Amadio, South Africa

•    Fiction:  VOICE OF SOUL by Br. Saravanan Muttia, Malaysia

•    Fiction:  AHAM SASWATHAM (I AM IMMORTAL) by Br. Venkatesh, India

•    Animation:  LIGHTS OF THE WORLD by Br. Si Costello, Australia

•    Animation:  LUMIERE by Sr. Cécile Boucharel, France

•    Animation:  WHO AM I? by Br. Sushil Dubey, India

•    Animation:  THE VOYAGERS by Br. Ajit Singh, India

•    Experimental:  TOLERANCE – WAY TO HARMONY by Br. Valeriy Dobrov, Russia

•    Experimental:  THE PLANT OF CHILDHOOD by Br. Victor Tikhonov, Russia

•    Documentary:  THROUGH THE EYES by Br. Toni Martin Giles, Brazil